Group Travel & Corporate Incentives

Incentive travel has long been used to build relationships with clients, impress potential customers, motivate employees and reward top performers. If you need your next program to make an impression, and to ensure that whomever you send develops a strong, positive and lasting relationship to your company, you need a Global Travel Program. Our value driven programming, flexible formats and high degree of personalization goes far beyond mere rewards. Global Concierge shows all participants that your company is directly invested in their personal well being and happiness. It shows how you care about them and your relationship. It shows just how thoughtful, responsible, and innovative your company is. When you can do all that, why stop with a mere reward?

Employee Travel Benefits

  • Responsible, conscious travel will build pride in the company as a good corporate actor
  • Value-driven programming provides new skills and knowledge that participants will enjoy long after they’ve returned to work
  • Unique destinations, accommodations and activities will inspire creativity and innovation
  • Enriching travel leaves people feeling uniquely fulfilled and happy

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Villa & Home Options

We can accommodate any accommodation requests from a condo to beach side villas! Our experience and partnerships provide exclusive services when working with Global Concierge!

Catering & Chef Options

Pamper your taste buds with our catering and chef options. Global Concierge creates exceptional dining experiences for every special occasion!

Shore Excursions

Your quest for the perfect mix of adventure starts with Global Concierge.  Get your pulse pounding with a variety of diverse worldwide excursions for your group trip. We cater to families, foodies, adrenaline seekers, unique culture fans, and more.

Jet & Yacht Charters

Booking a yacht or flight charter for your next trip is the ultimate treat in luxury travel! Global Concierge offers private jet & yacht charters to and from your next destination, anywhere in the world! From beginning to end your entire trip will revolve around you and your group’s needs.

Events & Hospitality

We recognize your needs are unique. Regardless of where you are based or how diverse your event and hospitality requirements are, Global Concierge can deliver. The diverse range of operations provided by Global Concierge allows for the creation of exceptional events for all occasions.

Transportation Services

Go anywhere in style with our group transportation services. Whether you need transportation from the airport for a company meeting or a ride for your group to a sporting event, Global Concierge is your key to luxury transportation service for personal or business use.

Incentive Travel Programs

Incentive travel is great recognition for a job well done and a compelling goal to spur on performance. Whether you want to recognize top performers across your company, revitalize your sales force with a contest or to motivate your supply chain and distribution partners, we can custom craft an experience your team will never forget.

Our onsite travel management advisor provides hands-on support for corporate group travel, employee travel incentives and retreats. From planning the event to the travel itself we’ll guide you from start to finish. We specialize in site selection and program development and customize activities focused on your company objectives and corporate culture so you get the most out of your business incentive travel budget. We manage all aspects of corporate incentive travel, meetings and retreats, including hotel reservations, flight bookings, supplier negotiations, deadline management and reconciliation of expenditures.

Employee Incentive Programs

An alternative to the group incentive is an employee incentive program. Rather than traveling as a group, employees would be able to choose from a selection of destinations and options. We can help you create an individual program that fits your needs and works within your internal corporate framework. We manage the entire process from A to Z, but most importantly manage your attendees and provide them with a phenomenal experience.

We offer:

  • Group incentives
  • Employee incentives
  • Customer incentives
  • Promotional incentives
  • Personal incentives