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Sports Travel, Hospitality and Event Management at High Profile Sporting Events is our specialty. Fulfilling  any type of event, program, or package your organization has in mind, from small outings to large charity galas to the ultimate tailgate experience to brand your organization’s attendance at the event can bring your image to light. We can even help you entertain an important client, provide an incentive to your high performance employees, or plan your functions and events, you can count on us to cover every detail.

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GLOBAL SPORTS TRAVEL managers will work diligently to design your action packed trip to any major sporting event around the globe, putting you and your guests in the front row for some of the most exciting and dynamic competitions in the world!

We have several developed turn key packages for you to choose from or customize your ideal program from scratch with the assistance from our travel managers!



Have an event you’d like to host but don’t have the manpower to do it?

We know that your company is filled with talented people who you trust to know what you are looking for when it comes to hosting an event. Why overburden your team with time-consuming negotiations when the team at Global Sports can work for your team leader?



We provide seasoned and affluent sponsors, golfers and VIP’s with a unique, highly exclusive, custom-designed event “experiences”.

Exciting tournament promotions that provide great results and the WOW factor that each tournament needs to help bring in sponsorship sales and teams to fill your rosters & tee times.



In this strained economy organizations are looking for more creative and inexpensive ways to raise funds for worthy causes. The truth is most fund-raising lacks imagination until now.

GSM has developed a unique opportunity that will not only provide each organization with an exciting sports promotions that will raise significant funds in as little as six months with no upfront cost!


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